• Ebb & Flow Wellness Studio (map)
  • Level 1/ 407 Pakington St
  • Newtown vic
  • Australia

Saturday May 26th 2pm-4pm $20 members $25 non members 

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Walk into almost any yoga studio these days and you are likely to notice that the pungent aroma of incense has been replaced by a far lighter experience: essential oils.  Some yoga teachers diffuse essential oils during class to enhance the uplifting experience of the asanas. Others anoint students with oil-infused hands as they drift into Savasana. Some studios offer spray bottles filled with essential oil blends for students to wipe down sweaty mats at the end of class.


But why the fuss about essential oils and yoga practice?

Using the right oil at the beginning of class can infuse energy into your class. Similarly, using the perfect oil just before Savasana can boost the calming power of this restorative pose. Choosing a blend for meditation can take you to a deeper place. 


In this class you will experience first-hand the power of Frankincense for grounding, Bergamot for emotional release, Wintergreen for muscle release, Cedarwood for anchoring, Peppermint for breathing easy amongst many other bottle of natures magic. 



Come prepared to have an emotional response to these oils as we share them in circle. 

Enjoy some oil-infused snacks and take home a deeper understanding of which oils to use to support your practice. 

Samples for all attendees and a special welcome gift to anyone who chooses to welcome the oils into their world with a kit.