14 Day Yoga & Meditation Challenge 

Everyday for 14 days we will be your yoga and meditation buddies. We know its good for us. 

Rules are simple, 

  1. practice in the studio everyday (we don't mind what you do but its a moving kind of thing..
  2. plus meditate everyday, yep and text me when youv'e meditated, yes everyday. 5 mins, 10mins I don't care, just as long as you are sitting in stillness. Need a recording? I'll send you one. 
  3. Lets create some great habits to see us through the year! 

PS - you get 1 tap out (that means when you can't make it you can practice at home) only 1. 

Price - free for members, intro pass holders. everyone else $25 unlimited practice. Open to all. For non members you can purchase this option online, via website, mind body or in studio.