I love baking. I'm always creating new recipes as I find it difficult to follow recipes and not change them! My philosophy on food is eat real food.  Over the years I've been vegetarian and paleo but find I need animal protein to sustain me, so I've found its less stress on me to eat wholesome food, mostly vegetarian with a little fish and chicken, but I'm learning to listen to what my body needs. 

 I prefer to avoid labelling how I eat, as I think it places unhealthy expectations on you and can encourage eating disorders. In my practice as a Health Coach and a Pharmacist I'm seeing young people restricting certain foods and struggling with lots of things. I've been there before. More on that another blog..

Avoid fads and just eat real food, food you can recognise all the ingredients. 

Cooking healthy food nourishes me and my family. 

The banana bread

4 bananas, 4 eggs, 4 tblsn coconut oil( or butter), 1/3 cup of coconut flour, 1/2 cup almond butter ( or nut butter of choice), 1tbspn cinnamon, 1tspn baking powder. Pinch of sea salt. 
Mix eggs butter and banana then add rest of ingredients.

Cool for 50 mins on 175.

then eat


xox Di