My philosophy on eating is pretty simple. Eat wholesome food. Over the years I've tried all sorts of fads. From Vegetarian, to Paleo, and in between. I've come to believe that we've started to attach labels to the way people eat, and expectations on how people should eat. If we went back in time I think we would all find we should be more grateful for the abundance of food we have. 

the biggest impact on my health and philosophy around food has been Gwinganna Health retreat. Ive been there 4 or 5 times now and I still love what they promote. If you get a chance to go there. Do it. 

My top tips around food.

Be grateful you have fresh wholesome food available. Literally there are millions who don't. 

Eat real, whole food, unprocessed. If it comes out of a packet, I'm tipping its not whole. 

Eat as much green food as possible. 

Eat good fats. 

Choose nourishing foods. If its not living its possibly not nourishing.

Chew slowly.

Enjoy the celebration of food.

By labelling how you eat, and restricting yourself (unless you have a health reason) of certain foods, you are putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. This can lead to eating disorders. 

If you are choosing to restrict foods and your health is declining, guess what? This is a warning sign your body isn't enjoying itself. Listen and adjust. Taking a supplement to counteract this is only a bandaid. 

Stop putting pressure on yourself, if you have a treat, then enjoy it. Life is short.