It's that time of the year again as we approach a change in weather. Tonics are a great way to have a boost of vitamins to support your immune system. Another great immune booster is joy! Believe it or nor when we experience joy our bodies release chemicals called interferons and interleukins. Our bodies are our own exquisite pharmacy. 

Here's my recipe for this homemade tonic

 ➰1cm of fresh tumeric ➰1cm fresh ginger  ➰juice of 2 oranges ➰juice of 1 lemon or lime ➰1 tspn of raw honey or Manuka honey whip it up in the Thermomix for 1min or blender if you don't have a tm. ➰shoot down in one hit. It warms your soul. 

other self care tips. My green chicken soup, recipe to come.

➰hydrate lots as when you're in the thick of a virus it dehydrates you. 

➰rest but some movement has shown to assist recovery. Yoga is perfect.

 ➰sinus washes if your blocked in the nose

➰most colds are vital so generally antibiotics won't help plus if you don't take ab's then you don't spread ab resistance. Did you know that ab resistance can spread with close proximity, so even if you don't take the ab's you can get it! If you're not better in a week or two or getting worse see a dr.

 ➰lay off the sugar and processed food and eat real food. It will give your system a rest

 I hope you're feeling better. ❌⭕️