The Metamorphic Technique (MT) is a very safe, gentle and effective technique, which is neither a therapy nor a treatment. It involves different movements on the reflex points on the hands, feet and head to encourage personal development and self-healing through your own life-force, it’s beautifully relaxing too.

Science shows us that everything in the Universe, including ourselves, is made from energy.  It’s also now widely recognised that we all have the ability to heal ourselves and bring balance and harmony within us.

This Metamorphic Technique is a transformational technique that works on a structure of time, that spectacular point of time from conception through to birth (the gestation period). During these nine months in the womb is when our mental, emotional and physical structures are established.  Any stresses during this time, anchor unconscious patterns behind the way we are and how we live in the world.

This time in the womb isn’t just part of our past, but it’s also an integral part of who we are now. These patterns can influence how we live our lives, how we react to our experiences, what we believe about ourselves, our relationships and ultimately our very purpose in life. The Metamorphic Technique loosens and releases the structure of time patterns of the past that were set in the womb, allowing your life force to bring about any changes to heal and recreate.

The spine holds every memory of our time in the womb and by working on the spinal reflex points on the feet, hands and head, we are working on our main communication centres of thinking (head), doing (hands) and movement (feet).

As a practitioner although I support the space for you, it is your own life force that creates any change and it may not always happen on a conscious level. Like a seed planted in the earth, yes it takes all conditions (soil, weather etc.) to support the seed to grow, but it is ultimately the life force within the seed itself that determines its transformation from seed  to seedling to tree.

As everything is created out of unconditional love from the universe, so we all have innate access to this within ourselves to unlock our unlimited potential. As the tree cannot return to being a seed, so any transformations that take place within you, are therefore, permanent.

The Metamorphic Technique can be used at any time but is particularly useful at times of crisis, when it acts as a guide, enabling us to be reunited with our essence. It’s also excellent for personal development helping to create a feeling of inner peace and well-being, enabling us to react differently to circumstances that would normally have created dis-ease.

There is no need for diagnosis, no consultation or contraindications so it can also be used on pregnant mothers, new mums, children and people in the last moments of their life.

Allow yourself to move from chrysalis to butterfly, you’re already part of and supported by unconditional love, infinite wisdom and intelligence.

Sara Pulman